How Postal Companies Can Benefit from E-commerce
17 Jun, 2019

E-commerce kicked off finally early this century and postal operators were there to ride the wave. E-commerce growth, especially in recent times has easily outweighed posts’ in parcel volumes. Postal operators are already involved in the delivery part of e-commerce. Still, there are other avenues and potential for profitability. 

SendMyShipment has always been committed to logistics success and we are also heavily involved in the parcel and e-commerce sector.  For postal operators, other opportunities in this sector include;


Cross-border sales into overseas markets

Many postal operators have been taking advantage of the potential of global markets as a means to generate even more profit from the recent boom in e-commerce.  Some are already forming partnerships with foreign retailers and producers making it easier to sell into these markets. As it turns out, these can greatly increase the number of outbound parcels sent overseas.


Advertising and marketing potential

Here at SendMyShipment, we believe there is an enormous potential for postal operators in today’s global market where data still remains the undisputed king. There are postal companies building databases that contains delivery data, sales, and demographic data of their businesses or individual clients. 

While operators must prioritize privacy and security, there’s still enough potential here if they find a way to leverage this without violating customer trust and privacy.


Online retail sales for small businesses

There is an opportunity for postal companies to leverage the current e-commerce boom to help small-time retailers and producers to tap into the market online. Some are already doing this, charging commissions on sales and growing their parcel volumes in the same process.


In-store space/presence for retailers

Whether we want to believe or not, many customers still prefer to check out a product before they buy it. Post offices with their extensive networks in both rural and urban areas have the potential to help in this case. Already, many postal operators are already offering a type of ‘click and collect’ service where customers send purchases to post offices where they are then set for collection and this has greatly reduced fail deliveries. 

This particular in-store space offering will suffice for businesses with a limited number of stores. Postal operators can rent out space for these retailers in their offices giving them a kind of physical presence that may help bolster their sales and the operator’s profit in the long run.


Bottom Line

As parcel delivery continues to grow and in the process becoming more competitive, it makes sense for operators to look into other sectors of e-commerce to generate more profit to drive business growth. As it turns out, postal operators seem to have all it takes to deliver these services to retailers and their end-consumers excellently.



Here at SendMyShipment, the bulk of our services are directed at helping retailers and individuals connect with the best postal operators for success in e-commerce. We understand how important the delivery is to your business as a whole and are committed to making sure your customers get the best experience.

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