Making Returns Easy and Refreshing
26 Aug, 2019

If you see returns as one of the least impressive parts of doing business, you definitely are not alone. As unimpressive as it may be, it’s a vital part of those things that go on to shape your customer experience. 

At SendMyShipment, we believe this is another way to preserve your brand reputation. If handled probably, it may help shape a customer’s perception of your brand positively. Basically, it has to be painless, easy, and refreshing.

So, how can you make it good?


Maintain open communication with customers

Customers have to be in the clear about how they can return unwanted products. Your returns page should be very easy to find and should provide answers to basic/common questions.

It helps to let your customers know if you have certain policies about specific items to make sure customers don’t end up disappointed. You can even consider updating your returns information and details in newsletters or even on your social media page.


Packaging items for returns

SendMyShipment understands that most customers hardly have experience or knowledge of parcel delivery and logistics. It makes sense to, therefore, provide the necessary information they’ll need to package the item(s), to make it good and ready for returns.

At times, it’s possible that one item may get transferred between different distribution centers. The items, therefore, need to be properly packed with enough bubble wrap and an outer box as well so the original packaging doesn’t get destroyed. 


Making the returns process transparency

The ordering process was transparent, the returns have to be, too. Many businesses in the e-commerce industry still can’t get this right. While some intentionally make the process somehow difficult, some decide to hide useful information to help the customers get through with returns. 

Neglecting customer service, at this delicate time is always a bad idea. E-commerce businesses should, therefore, be open with communication and guidelines needed to make the returns process speedy, easy, and transparent.


Seeing returns as part of customer service

The worst customer experiences at times can become positive in the end. Today’s customers prefer transparency, visibility, and convenience. By making the returns easy, you’re taking a burden off the customer. That process also goes in to shape their perception of your brand. In essence, businesses that commit to quality customer service along with easy returns policies are more likely to gain new customers and retain current ones.



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