Five Parcel Sending Mistakes You Should Avoid
01 Jul, 2019

Time and again, we’ve always seen it here at SendMyShipment how easy it is for many people to make mistakes when sending a parcel for delivery. To ease your burden, we’ve brought you the top five mistakes to avoid when sending your parcel so you don’t get faced with unexpected issues.


1. Autofill failure

Your courier provider will ask you to provide both your own address and the delivery address. Several browsers that support auto-filling may initiate this process, automatically filling in your details. There’s a lot to be wary of in this case to avoid unwanted issues.  At times, there are issues that can cause problems at this stage, so be sure to double-check the details you’ve entered. 


2. Improper packaging

New double-walled boxes, proper internal packaging, and strong parcel tape. This should be too much for you so long as you’re careful enough and committed to the process. By packaging your parcel properly, you’ll be greatly increasing the odds of your package reaching the intended destination in good condition.


3. Improper labeling

Improper labeling can disrupt the entire process. Many a time, we’ve heard here at SendMyShipment how many people just mess up the labeling process. We’ve heard about people printing labels from a printing running low on ink and one incredible case of a person drawing a barcode on the parcel with their hand. If you want a smooth delivery experience, do make the labeling as clear and detailed as possible.


4. Sending a prohibited item

Every country has different policies and regulations. Be sure you’re not sending out a prohibited item. Along with this making the delivery a futile process, it can also have legal implications in certain cases. This is especially important for international deliveries. These parcels are usually x-rayed, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


5. Neglecting the paperwork

You want to avoid anything that can delay the delivery process. One easy way is to make sure the paperwork and every other legality are well taken care of. International deliveries need a pro-forma invoice to be correctly filled, for example. Leaving this undone will have your parcel stopped and delayed at customs. The parcels may also be sent back to the sender in some cases. This can disrupt the delivery process and can even be costly as well. 



SendMyShipment is committed to connecting businesses and individuals with the most credible and reliable logistics provider in the parcel and e-commerce industry. Delivery has taken a different outlook today and should only be left for competent and experienced professionals who won’t make a mess of the process. Through our partnership with hundreds of carriers, we are always able to guarantee value and efficiency, to boost your supply chain and improve the delivery experience.


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