E-commerce is Creating New Customers Around the World
03 Sep, 2019

After all these years, one can boldly say the face of retail has changed. The growth has been explosive and even now businesses around the world are leveraging the growth in e-commerce serve a global audience across international boundaries. Well, we’re happy to be a part of this development here at SendMyShipment!


A new era in retail

Nearly half of online shoppers in the U.S admitted buying from an international retailer in 2017, according to UPS Pulse of Online Shopper survey. More and more people are making cross-border purchases all thanks to the internet that has helped catalyze this growth.

Beyond brick and mortar, e-commerce is giving retailers a kind of competitive advantage, making it easier to sell nationally and across borders. Buyers in the US and across the world are now more disposed to buying internationally. 2015 e-commerce statistics showed that 24% of all e-commerce sales were made by people purchasing items outside the country. 


It’s now easy to shop online these days much like the same way one would buy products from the high street. The major challenge for retail businesses is to be found online where shoppers can find them, along with easy communication with the customer in a language they understand.

This growth continues to help the US market but then, it has also helped to strengthen international competition. This is beneficial to both the retailers and the customers as well because retailers have to stay competitive with pricing and customer experience.

Global online marketplaces are making more cross-border sales, effectively blurring international borders. Retailers who want to harness this opportunity can always get to expand into new markets. In the US alone, as much as 97% of all online sales are attributed to these e-marketplaces.


Riding the wave of global e-commerce growth

What is driving this much growth, one would wonder. In the UPS survey, about 39% of those who purchased with their smartphones as well as 37% of millennials in the survey reported that they’d likely increase their research and spending on products online. Here at SendMyShipment, we believe this growth will go on far into the future.

Today’s consumers now have a diverse market and destinations to shop on. For retailers, this is also one great opportunity to interact and transact with customers worldwide. Day by day, the line that differentiates domestic and international trades are gradually disappearing. For retailers, now is a very good time to compete from anywhere in the world for consumers scattered across the globe.



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