Packaging Tips to Help You Avoid Parcel Damage
25 Jun, 2019

Proper packaging, rather than just popping the product in a box will make a world of difference. The last thing any consumer wants is to open up a box/gift to see the product has been badly damaged. While not forgetting that accidents do happen, putting enough time and effort into correct packaging will eliminate most of these avoidable issues.

SendMyShipment is always committed to ensuring carriers, retailers, and the end-consumers get the best experience. Here are a few tips to help you in this respect.


Use new double-walled packaging boxes

New double-walled are the best for parcel deliveries. These boxes have double corrugated cardboard walls that have been glued together to provide adequate packaging protection. Don't be tempted into reusing a previously used box as they are often less safe, making your parcel fragile. Little mishaps, in this case, will likely have more impact.


Use adequate internal packaging

Padding your parcel properly is always a great idea regardless of what size it is. Internal packaging like bubble wrap or foam should always be used properly as these layers of offers more protection for your items. SendMyShipment recommends that parcels be properly padded to make sure they are less prone to internal damage. 


Use boxes of the right size and weight

Packaging boxes usually have weight and size specifications. Once you know the weight of your item, be sure it correlates with the box’s own weight and size specifications. Don’t make the mistake of going for smaller packaging that may be unable to handle your load. Weighing your parcel, especially for individuals, is also good so you don’t have to pay more due to the weight or size being different from initial submissions.


Avoid packaging with cloth or fabrics

While they’d look cooler and nicer than normal boxes, cloth and fabric packaging are not as strong and greatly increases the risk of damage for your parcel. Truth is, the internal product is what is most important in parcel delivery. Aesthetics is fine but not worth it at the expense of the original product. Sturdy packaging materials, on the other hand, will offer more protection.


Sealing the box with parcel tape

Proper parcel tapes are stronger than normal household tape. Sealing with a strong parcel tape will offer more protection for your parcel while in transit. Ensure you’ve properly taped all of the edges as well, to ensure the corners are strengthened so they don’t just fall out during transit.


The packaging is important and here at SendMyShipment, we always recommend that parcels be properly packed to reduce the risk of damage that often occurs during transportation. If done effectively, the chances of getting the parcel in good condition get significantly increased.



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