Winning the E-commerce Battle by Making a Difference in Delivery
30 May, 2019

As a key player in the e-commerce industry, SendMyShipment understands just how important and critical a retailer’s delivery process can be in fighting off and winning the competition. Today, the delivery process influences not just pre-purchase but also repeat sales. Accenture and McGuire Research collaborated to survey 1,124 businesses in ten different countries. The results of the survey tagged Differentiating Delivery: How to Win the E-commerce Battle did prove that this certainly has a profound effect on the bottom line.


Parcel organizations and e-commerce growth 

As much as 66%, i.e two-thirds of consumers have based their choice of e-tailers solely on delivery options. As much as 68% of those who abandon orders in the shopping cart are mainly dissatisfied with the delivery terms. 

Worldwide e-commerce growth is projected to reach about 12.4% by 2019. It’s not hard to see why most e-tailers are already investing in expanding their e-commerce reach. Parcel organizations have to rise up to this occasion to leverage this growth in e-commerce for their own future growth.


Making happy customers

79% of customers, according to this survey would be happy with easy and affordable returns services along with total visibility tracking. More than two-thirds of customers want to be able to determine when they get their package,  want to be notified on delivery day, and coordinate delivery directly with the delivery company, rather than the e-tailer.


Price intelligence and sensitivity

Price sensitivity and angry customers are an inseparable bunch. The price of shipping packages is one of the major reasons an e-tailer would stay with or change a provider. There is a growing need to consolidate volume to get enough discount on price and parcel organizations have to be smart with their pricing decisions.


Innovative returns services

Making parcel returns very easy can be a differentiating factor in e-commerce. Parcel organizations and e-tailers have to be innovative and serious about this to gain new customers and retain current ones. 


Cross-border ease

Cross-border B2C e-commerce has great potential. This sector of the global e-commerce market is expected to grow to a little less than a trillion dollar by 2020. About 78% of this growth is expected to come from new customers in emerging markets most especially the Asia-Pacific. As one would expect, these new customers have different needs and expectations that need to be met. SendMyShipment recommends that delivery dates, shipping costs, and every other thing be customized to the ease and convenience of these new customers.


Bottom Line

Today’s e-commerce business has to be everything from smart, safe, secure, and timely. Never before has delivery been more important to the bottom line like now. More than ever, delivery companies and e-tailers have an urgent need to collaborate to tap into this opportunity for mutual growth and benefits.



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