Building a Customer-Centric Supply Chain
07 Jun, 2019

Gone are those days when consumers hardly wield enough influence on businesses and their decisions. Those days are all gone when customers have little to no information about competitors, and when objective research and reviews were next to impossible.

We are now in a new age where the consumer is more empowered than ever. The internet has changed a lot about how we do business. E-commerce has grown significantly and customers’ expectations and demands are always evolving. Today, SendMyShipment brings to you the basics of building a customer-centric supply chain.


Out with the old... in with the new

Traditional supply chain models are hardly able to manage this situation effectively. To compete better in today’s fiercely competitive markets, the consumer now has to be at the forefront of major decisions that apply to the supply chain.

Today’s supply chain teams are saddled with two major goals; more supply chain efficiency along with even more visibility not just for internal use but also for the consumer.


What does this mean?

Going by today’s standards, building a customer-centric supply chain will take a different route compared to traditional supply chains. Most of the supply chain activities that were traditionally ‘back office’ now have to be moved to the ‘front office’. 

Supply chains now have to engage customers throughout the entire process from the moment an order is placed until the product or service has been properly delivered. Supply chains in the modern day now have to incorporate different strategies that include;

  • Accurate demand predictions through technology
  • Omnichannel fulfillment, engagement, and delivery options
  • Much better forecasting, and 
  • Full visibility for internal and consumer use


Before any other thing, today’s businesses now have to consider the end-customers before making critical supply chain decisions. The customers, therefore, have to feel engaged even in these decision-making processes.


Building a customer-centric supply chain

Supply chains now have to focus on technologies that can improve visibility through the last mile. Whether this is through allowing them to see on a map and in real time where their goods and the driver is at any moment. 

The driver and the customer also have to maintain an open line of communication to reduce friction while also improving efficiency. In this area, businesses may consider;

  • Keeping a tab on drivers at all times with a view to knowing when they are idle, on shift, or on their way for delivery.
  • Keeping a tab on items by scanning each one being loaded onto the truck so the dispatcher can track where these packages are at any point in time.
  • Managing fleet in a centralized manner, even for third-party fleets.


Businesses have to get innovative at increasing visibility, being an important force to reckon with in the e-commerce market today. Companies able to find leverage in this area tend to get a kind of competitive advantage.


Bottom Line

Conventional supply chain models have virtually outlived their relevance. These models were based on an entirely different expectation and outlook of the market. Technology advances have meant that today’s customers now have more power at their disposal. 

Parcel delivery companies that would successfully compete in today’s market have to ensure greater visibility, knowing where drivers and packages are at any point in time. Third-party and owned fleet also have to be centrally managed, along with every other necessary thing to guarantee the best delivery experience for the end-consumer.



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