Leveraging Technology to Prevent Parcel Loss
22 May, 2019

A significant percentage of deliveries often go missing in the US, Canada, and elsewhere each year. With increasing consumer expectations now higher than ever, it’s now even more important to put some more focus into the delivery process to reduce avoidable loss. Here at, we believe that parcel management technology can prove very important in tracking parcels and significantly cutting down the number of parcels that usually end up getting lost.

Carriers and retailers have to come together to develop new strategies that will help make the delivery process even more flexible and convenient to meet the demands of consumers with high expectations. These strategies have to be aimed at reducing the percentage of lost parcels to increase the percentage of successful first-time deliveries. Inevitably, technology will play a very big role in realizing this. 


Customers’ expectations continue to grow and now, providing visibility and control over parcel deliveries is now more of a necessity in a fiercely competitive market. Parcel management technology is now being used by multiple carriers to track parcels from the moment they enter into their network until they arrive at the consumer’s destination. A technology like this will be key in reducing the number of parcels that end up getting lost.

In cases like these, customers are usually able to track their parcel externally at three to four points. Through the data provided by barcodes, carriers are also able to track parcels at every different point. This makes parcels highly traceable and in turn more accessible so you can always deal with an issue from the root whenever a problem surfaces. Some parcel delivery companies often implement the use of a dashboard that shows all their depots. This technology also makes it easier to track any issue since it’s always easier to know which point the problem has occurred. 


Parcel delivery companies have to be more customer-focused with their approaches. Parcel management technology, however, can help with this. This will greatly improve the internal process so much that it also improves the consumer experience. The added flexibility ensures the numbers of parcels that get lost are significantly minimized so that deliveries don’t have to happen more than once due to loss.

Technologies like this, which increases visibility, flexibility, and control, are needed to meet the high standards and expectations of today’s consumers. Parcel loss is no longer excusable like it used to be. Carriers have to invest in more technologies that will improve internal operations to guarantee a smooth and pleasurable experience for their customers. By being able to track parcels at every point, it will be much easier to identify the points where the problematic issues have occurred so they can be easily and quickly addressed to greatly improve fulfillment as well as increase the rate of first deliveries. is your one-stop solution to parcel and e-commerce logistics. By partnering with hundreds of the best carriers in the industry, we are able to bring you true value and efficiency with your parcel and e-commerce delivery needs from and to anywhere. 

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