Seven Top Tips for Postal Operators Working with Retailers
03 Jun, 2019

E-commerce already accounts for 23% of all retail sales in China already. In 2018, e-commerce retail sales in North America accounted for 16% of all sales, bringing in over $400 billion in revenue. The global e-commerce market is booming and postal operators have to integrate retailers into their business plans to meet the growing demand for cross-border deliveries and evolving customer expectations. 

Here at SendMyShipment, below are our top tips for postal operators to enhance their working relationship with retailers.


1. Personalized services

Parcel delivery companies have to consider offering personalized services tailored to meet the needs of their retailers. Retailers are always looking for ways to personalize their customer’s shopping experience to build customer loyalty. Postal operators have to step up to this need in designing personalized experiences for their retailers.


2. Better visibilities on tracking

Today’s customer wants more control and visibility on both deliveries and returns. Postal companies have to embrace smart technologies to not just quicken delivery but to also ensure that customers are kept properly informed and able to access where exactly their orders are in the supply chain whether in delivery or in returns.


3. Reducing the retailer’s burden

Postal organizations have to put in more efforts into ensuring the burden on retailers gets substantially reduced. This can be in instances like handling sortation or dome of the other intensive work the delivery process requires. 


4. Ensuring better stock management

The same way that customers want faster deliveries is how retailers want quicker returns. For the retailer, this ensures better stock management especially for seasonal products that need to be quickly returned, restocked and resold in a timely manner.


5. Understanding the retailer’s business

SendMyShipment recommends that postal operators devote time and efforts into getting to understand their retailer’s business so they don’t have to put up with unexpected surprises, whether internally or externally. Another thing is to make sure they understand the retailer’s peak time so they can always plan accordingly.


6. Ensure smooth sales, deliveries, and returns

Smooth sales, fast deliveries, and easy returns are the major expectations for most online shoppers. Postal operators, therefore, need to integrate the retailer into fulfillment platforms, make information available when re-stocking is necessary, details of delivery and return patterns, among others. These and other conditions should be made favorable to make business smooth and easy for the retailer.


7. Utilizing data effectively

Our world today thrives on data and postal organizations have to understand that truly, data is king. Retailers have to be able to examine data from multiple channels to track customer fulfillment and to know whether their expectations are duly met. Parcel delivery companies, in possession of these valuable data, have to make this accessible to retailers so they can have a clear picture of what their business looks like.


In essence, we believe here at SendMyShipment postal operators should not necessarily see themselves as a different entity. Rather, they should work with the retailer like an extension of their business. They should provide support and advice to retailers on tariffs, rules, as well as every other thing they can do to enhance the ease of cross-border deliveries and returns. 



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